Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bishop Frederic Baraga, the Snowshoe Priest: Cause for Canonization

The cause for Bishop Frederic Baraga’s sainthood is moving forward to new territory. Documents sent to Rome concerning a possible miracle attributable to the Snowshoe Priest have been opened by The Congregation for Causes of Saints.

The October 11 opening has spurred additional movement in the cause. Bishop Alexander Sample said he has been told the positio – the written documentation of Bishop Baraga’s life – is on the fast track for examination by the congregation.

“The fact now that we have a promising miracle over in Rome at the congregation, and that they are going to take up a formal examination of our miracle over there, is what has now suddenly moved the positio on the other track,” Bishop Sample said. “Where we have been stalled for 12 years, now we’re told we’re in the top 10 on the list to be examined.”

“I think there’s a great need for renewal in the priesthood and among the bishops, and I think Bishop Baraga, with his selfless zeal and service to Christ and the people of the Church, can be a great inspiration to priests today. I always say Bishop Baraga spent his entire life and every last ounce of his human strength to serve Jesus and the Church in the Upper Peninsula. We priests need that example and inspiration to do the same ourselves – to really be selfless, to really lay down our life, to spend our life with joy,” Bishop Sample said.

Bishop Sample summarized by saying, “What does this mean to us? It means we have someone we can look to as an inspiration and an example of holiness. We’re all called to holiness. The Second Vatican Council made that point abundantly clear, every person in the Church, every layperson, deacon, priest, religious, bishop, pope — we’re all called to holiness.”

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Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, Mother of all priests and our Mother, help us respond generously to the Holy Spirit's request, through the voice of His Church, to offer up to God Eucharistic adoration for priests.  Amen.

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