Thursday, August 25, 2011

Servants of Christ Priest: Lives Offered for the Sanctification of Priests

We offer our life as a continuous offering for the personal sanctification of all priests of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church...

The Servants of Christ the Priest is a new foundation of Catholic religious family, with all the difficulties that has a new foundation, in existence for two years in the Diocese of Porto - Portugal, with a canonical process for approval of the Statutes of the Community course. This new foundation has the charisma and intended to promote dignity of the liturgy, parishes and religious communities that do not sing the Divine Office, forming and helping the people of God for the worthy celebration of the praise due to the Blessed Trinity. + You who love the God, look upon those who work in establishing the kingdom of Christ! This new religious family needs your help! + All the work of God, born of His holy will, and grow by the Brothers of Charity. We, the Servants of Christ the Priest, despite the great desire to serve Christ in all of our being, we can not do it for lack of physical and economic conditions. Thanks to the glorious action of Divine Providence, we have place for our first convent, however, we need material for our Chapel and all aid is welcome. We still need a wood stove, dishwasher, beds, etc., so we implore the Holy Trinity that touch the hearts of all our brothers in Christ, so that with everyone's help, we can bring to fruition, this work of God started in us. For our part, we will continue to say YES - FIAT, as the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, Patroness and Queen, with the title of Holy Mother Church, so that, like her, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles, can deliver us all day, those who in His infinite mercy, has delivered us from darkness, and called us into his marvelous light. You, dear brother, dear sister, you read this letter, if God calls you to work with him, asking you what He Himself has given you, you respond to His holy calling, for this cause by sharing the little they have not forgetting, which is never how much is it that pleases God, but the joy of doing, and, in the person of the brothers, serve the Lord Christ himself. We hope that very soon, we can arrange a ride-living, our small and very dear convent, so that everyone can see for themselves the place that He, in His infinite goodness, has prepared in order The radicalism of the total serving a life consecrated to Him and delivered, to the salvation of souls and the sanctification of his priests. * This community lives in Providence and love of the brothers committed and faithful to Jesus Christ ... * * Help this work God to grow and multiply! * * Be a Patron of the Work of God! * * May the Lord Almighty, the reward at 100 for 1! * + Come, ye blessed of my Father! + Servants of Christ the Priest Street Tristan Vaz Teixeira, 97, 2 TC 4435-494 RIO TINTO PORTUGAL@ general servosdecristo priest . com +351 22 4881348 (Translation by Google)

Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, Mother of all priests and our Mother, help us respond generously to the Holy Spirit's request, through the voice of His Church, to offer up to God Eucharistic adoration for priests.  Amen.

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