Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vow of Celibacy

"The priest is pledged to celibacy, not because human generation is wrong, but because it must yield so that he can devote himself wholly to a higher form of generation: the begetting of children in Christ by bringing to Him those who never knew Him, by restoring to Him those lost in sin, and by arousing in those who already love Christ the inspiration to serve Him more fully as religious or priests...Too often the vow of chastity is presented negatively...but is pure water only the absence of dirt, a white diamond merely the negation of carbon?

~ Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen ~

Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, Mother of all priests, and our Mother, help us respond generously to the Holy Spirit's request, through the voice of His Church, to offer up to Goe Eucharistic adoration for priests. Amen.

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