Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prayer to St. Joseph for Priests


who carried the Infant Jesus in thy blessed arms and who,
during the space of thirty years,
lived in the most intimate familiarity with Him,
take under thy powerful protection
those whom He has clothed with His authority
and honored with with the dignity of His priesthood,
whom He has charged to continue His mission,
to preach His Gospel,
and to dispense everywhere His graces and blessings.
Sustain them in their fatigues and labors;
console them in their pains;
fortify them in their combats; but above all,
keep far from them all the evils of sin.
Obtain for them the humility of St. John the Baptist,
the faith of St. Peter, the zeal and charity of St. Paul, the purity of St. John
and the spirit of prayer and recollection of which thou, my dear Saint,
art the model, so that, after having been on earth,
the faithful dispensers of the Mysteries of thy foster Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ,
they may in Heaven receive the recompense promised to pastors
according to the Heart of God.
~ From Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph ~
Tan Books and Publishers

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